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The Development Saga of Turkey from the 19th to the 21st Century: a Prelude or a Requiem for a Dream?

The issue of development has generally been perceived as an economic and technical process with little or no relevance to political issues. In contrast to this general understanding, this study aims to underline that development is a complex and primarily a political process. In support of this argument, the study overviews historically the changing meanings as well as ideologies of development since the 19th century with a particular focus on the Turkish case. By doing so, it attempts to recall the idea of development primarily as a political process. In general terms, dominant paradigms of development have also been set by power and become leverage for political and economic dominance in history. In this sense, different development paradigms in history need also to be understood as political phenomena rather than simply philosophical products.
Keywords: Development, Political Economy, Turkish Development Practices, Globalization, Turkish State Planning Organization, Neo-Liberalism